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Cleaner and safer
open heart surgery


Prevents complications after open hart surgery


SAVING 10,000 lives in 2030

Every year, 1.45M open-heart surgeries are performed worldwide. 17% of the patients suffer from postoperative complications caused by residual blood and clots in the pericardial cavity. This problem causes more than 250 patients to die every day (93,000 deaths per year). The annual impact of the related complication costs is €21,563M (€5,949M in Europe alone).

Haermonics developed an innovative flush-therapy to overcome this fundamental and long-lasting problem and to make RBS a thing of the past.
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Quote 1

Blood is our most
precious organ

“Isn’t it a shame we accept that each year millions of gallons of blood drain from critically ill people into waste bags?”
– Dave Koolbergen


The Haermonics Flush system

Haermonics flush prevents 60% of postoperative blood loss and tamponades

Haermonics developed a drainage and flushing system that has proven to prevent 60% blood loss and unnecessary re-operations and tamponades. Haermonics has proven in 2 randomised trials that the system is safe and effective, preventing 41% and 76% post operative blood loss respectively. The method has been evaluated in a group of over 340 patients, the control group showed 8 reoperations for non-surgical bleeding and tamponades, versus 0 in the study group.

Haermonics is now building its investigational device, being able to flush the pericardial space with a warm saline solution in order to stop the bleeding. Haermonics technology allows controlled infusion of a warmed liquid solution into the pericardial cavity after the operation while the system monitors blood loss and pressure in the pericardial cavity.

Continuous flushing will result in a lower viscosity mixture that will prevent chest tubes from clogging and promote the evacuation of blood and clots from the pericardial cavity. Haermonics’ drainage and flushing technology overcomes disadvantages of current surgical drainage technologies. Haermonics has patented its flushing device and disposables, WO2015086857, patent approved in the EU, USA and China.



The Next Step


  • Prevent acute cardiac tamponades
  • Reduce the amount of blood transfused by 50%
  • Safe 8.000 ICU days and 13.000 hospital ward days a year
  • Save more than €30 million of medical expenses
  • Improve workflow of the medical professionals

The next step

For further development of the technology, Haermonics is looking to cooperate with medical centers globally to substantiate the CPPF method and investigate its future use for targeted therapy. Haermonics is also looking for partners to develop the current prototype into a commercially viable product.

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Effective Measurements

“On the other hand, when our surgery causes blood to leave the vascular system, blood becomes a highly toxic and injurious agent itself. Isn’t it strange that we do not take the necessary and effective measurements to definitively clean up our operation site from this?”
– Dave Koolbergen


The Team

Wouter Markus

Wouter Markus


David Koolbergen

David Koolbergen

Chief Medical Officer

Luc Koch

Luc Koch


Wanda Meijst

Wanda Meijst

Clinical Trial Director

Eva Diephuis

Eva Diephuis

Product Owner & Clinical Researcher


Haermonics is well funded for the near future. Seriously interested future investors are kindly asked to fill in below form with specific questions. Haermonics is about saving lives. Quality and transparency are key to reach our goals. We strive for quality and transparency in our communication with investors and shareholders.

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