Haermonics proves significant blood loss reduction
25 May 2020

Haermonics proves significant blood loss reduction

Haermonics proves significant blood loss reduction after

25 May 2020

Haermonics proves significant blood loss reduction after open heart surgery and closes seed funding

Eindhoven, the Netherlands, May 25, 2020

Haermonics, a spin off company of Amsterdam UMC, has successfully proven the effectiveness and safety of flushing the pericardial cavity in a randomized clinical trial with the use of an experimental setup and published in eBiomedicine by the Lancet. Haermonics successfully closed a seed financing round with a syndicate led by BOM Brabant Ventures that includes GAP Technologies. The new funding will be used to further build their innovative medical device and disposables. Within a year from now, Haermonics will have built and demonstrated the first devices in the Amsterdam University Medical Centers (Amsterdam UMC). Haermonics will be established in the Brainport region and sustain the successful cooperation with Amsterdam UMC. The seed funding follows a successful clinical study conducted in Amsterdam UMC.

Complications in cardiac surgery, due to the Retained Blood Syndrome (RBS) include amongst others; excessive blood loss, reoperations for bleeding and/or cardiac tamponade and postoperative atrial fibrillation. These complications lead to more morbidity and higher mortality rates. During a randomized study, conducted at the Amsterdam UMC, the Haermonics Continuous Postoperative Pericardial Flush (CPPF) was compared with a control group. The study included 170 patients; cardiac tamponade and reoperation for bleeding did not occur in the study group versus one and three in the control group, respectively. Our study results indicate that CPPF is a safe and effective method to improve chest tube patency and reduce blood loss after cardiac surgery.

The study has been conducted using an experimental set-up. On the back of the successful outcome, Haermonics will now further develop the patented and fully automated CPPF flushing device and disposables in order to prevent unnecessary complications and to increase the safety of cardiac surgery in the future. The relevance of the problem has also been recognized by the American Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS), which has recently set a new standard guideline for postoperative care in cardiac surgery. The STS recommends the active maintenance of chest tube patency to prevent RBS. The publication of the first randomized study can be found in eBiomedicine, published by the Lancet.


David Koolbergen, inventor and co-founder comments:

“It is difficult to understand that we have always accepted 2-5% RBS related complications in cardiac surgery, sometimes even leading to higher mortality rates. Now, these complications can be prevented with a better postoperative drainage system. Haermonics’ flushing system solves the core of the problem, as it guarantees chest tube patency and cleans the pericardial cavity completely from all remaining blood and clots. Haermonics is highly committed to ensure this technology will find its way to all the patients that need cardiac surgery. We make our patient care less expensive while we alleviate our intensive care staff at the same time”


Mercedes Tuin, senior investment manager at BOM Brabant Ventures comments:

We believe that Haermonics can develop into an important player in cardiac surgery. This novel technology can improve patient outcomes and save lives whilst being simple to implement and reduce the burden on the health care system. We are proud to be able to contribute to this innovation. “


About BOM Brabant Ventures

BOM (the Brabant Development Agency) works together with businesses to create a strong, sustainable, and future-proof Brabant economy. BOM uses the Brabant Ventures label to focus, using knowledge and capital, on the accelerated and future-proof growth of ambitious Brabant startups and scaleups in the High-Tech Systems and Software, Agri-food, Life Sciences & Health, Maintenance, Supply Chain, and Bio-based Economy top industries.

For more information: www.bom.nl


About GAP Technology holding

GAP Technology Holding is the family office of Bart Markus, a serial entrepreneur (co-founder of 6 companies including the MRI centrum in The Netherlands) and a veteran early stage VC that spent 15 years as General Partner of Wellington Partners, an early stage VC fund that during his tenure grew from $50M to $1Bn Assets under management.  Since 2015 GAP Technology Holding invests in early stage start-ups that can make a real difference and where GAP typically plays an active role in helping the companies “turning technology into business”.

For more information:  www.gaptechnologyholding.com


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